The Marks of Wisdom and What They Mean Part III

The Marks of Wisdom and What They Mean Part III

This blog post is the last one of our three-part series on The Marks of Wisdom and What They Mean? 

In our previous blog posts, we discussed how our faces were chronological maps of our experiences and what you can learn from the lines between the eyes. If you haven’t read the first and second blog posts in this series, I strongly recommend reading them first. 

Today, our blog post focuses on the other lines and marks that appear on our faces. 

The mouth is another area we tend to notice. Though the predominant lines and markings generally appear in one’s 50s, they often occur as early as one’s 20s.

Pursing the lips creates lots of tiny lines cutting into the lips, both top and bottom. Those lines show all the hurts that have been held on to, that have never been forgotten. They belong to the person who has ‘done all the right things but hasn’t been ‘rewarded’ for her ‘goodness.’

There are so many, many more lines that appear on the face that reveal our experiences or tendencies. Like the Grief Line that runs down the center or the cheek, or the Fa Ling Lines that show whether or not we are on our Wu Xing Path (our Life’s Path).

The telling lines around the eyes warn us of an inclination for unfaithfulness or reveal the pain of unshed tears. As you notice the lines and markings on your own face, as well as on others’, remember . . .

  • the right side of the face presents the outer, public self, and that it represents the mother’s influence
  • the left side of the face presents the inner, private self, and that it represents the father’s influence.

And keep in mind the significant characteristic and traits that belong to each facial feature. Now look in the mirror and combine what Mien Shian has taught you, so far, about each side of the face, each of the 12 major facial features, and the different lines and markings and their placements. Does Mien Shiang help piece together the puzzle of who you really are? 

I hope you enjoyed this three-part blog series. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and I will do my best to respond.

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