The Face Reader:
Discover Anyone's Personality, Compatibility, Talents, and Challenges Through Chinese Face Reading

What if you could learn powerful insights into a person just by seeing his or her face?

Face Reading tells a person’s story. Whether it becomes an impetus for personal insight or a tool for reading the qualities of others, The Face Reader is the definitive manual for determining the potential of nearly everyone you know—including yourself.

Mien Shiang, or Taoist Face Reading, is an ancient art form that has been used for nearly 3,000 years. At its heart is the belief that our faces are a map of our past, present, and future. One person’s ears might suggest his ability to take risks. Another’s nose might show how ambitious she is. Our eyes may tell the story of how we respond to the world around us. A face shape shows if a person is a natural leader, or prefers to be a team player.

Facial markings may reveal something about one’s relationships or even how they express love. More than that, the sum of all these features shows us a person’s greatest strengths, and biggest challenges. This book offers the most accessible and enlightening introduction to the time-honored tradition of solving the mystery of personality, compatibility, and even destiny. 

The Face Reader is a rare and exquisite book that is at one time deeply informative and artistically inspired. It is a guide to our deeper selves and encourages much-needed compassion for the remarkable range of individual human differences.”
Rubin Naiman
PhD., author of Healing Night, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Program of Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona
Patrician McCarthy's In Your Element: Taoist Psychology provides fascinating essentials of the Five Elements of Taoist psychology. With each Element, she offers authoritative details that illustrate the distinctive characteristics of each. If you are interested in expanding your mind, understanding others, and becoming better engaged with the world, this book is a must-read.”
Jana Hawley, Ph.D.
Dean, University of North Texas University College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism.
This book guides readers through the art of Mien Shiang to gain insight into the personalities, relationships, and health issues in their life.
I consider it a necessity for all clinicians.”
Dr. Jeanne Kane
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Producer

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