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How To Read Santa Claus’ Jolly Face with Mien Shiang!

I Used Mien Shiang Face Reading to Read Santa’s Face. He’s Earth Element!

Or is he? Let’s take a look.

Full, fleshy cheeks indicate you are confident, sensual, vivacious, practical, and you enjoy life.

A student challenged those traits, saying they were contradictory. “You can’t be sensual, vivacious, and practical”, he claimed.

“What about Santa Claus?” I asked.

The class erupted in laughter, thinking I had just lost my own argument.

Sensual refers to desires and appetites of the body. Well, one look at Santa and you know he sure has those.

Who is more vivacious than a jolly old man in a bright red suit who secretly visits every country, every town, every child in the world, in one night, to leave presents, ho-ho-hoing the entire time?

And practical? Santa is the complete embodiment of the word. This man has to read every letter, determine the best present for each child, oversee his staff of elves, keep his reindeer fed, healthy, and happy.

And then he has to make sure the sleigh is packed evenly, remember where each child lives, and make his entrance and getaway undetected.

As far as I’m concerned, only a sensual, vivacious, and practical person could carry this off not once, but year after year.

So? Have Figured Out Santa’s Five Element Personality?

When most people think of Santa, they conjure up a quintessential Earth Element nurturing, comforting earthy fella.

But look at all of his behaviors and you’ll see that he’s got a lot of organized, practical Metal Element Qi.

And who is more Fire Element-vivacious and fun than Santa?

There’s certainly something sensually mysterious about Santa, so I’ve got to add Water Element to our list.

He definitely crosses a lot of boundaries—some might even call it breaking and entering—for one’s own good, of course. So, Wood Element definitely rounds out his Personality Type.

I’ve met only a very few people who have so much of each of the Five Elements. Santa’s got it all!


(Taken from my book THE FACE READER, Second Edition : Discover Anyone’s Personality, Compatibility, Talents, and Challenges through Chinese Face Reading.)

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