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Holiday Gift Guide for Every Taoist Five Element Personality!

The Five Element Personality Types—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—have their own unique emotions, behaviors, and preferences.

I might be a last-minute holiday shopper, but at least I don’t waste time wondering what kinds of gifts to get. As long as I know each person’s each person’s Taoist Five Element Personality type, I know their preferences!

Most families and friends have particular stock gifts they buy and give, such as scarves and gloves, something for the house, fancy food and drink, or perhaps something artsy. All easy to come by at this time of year, especially with the help of the internet.

If you aren’t sure of your own Element or which Elements belong to your loved ones and friends, this interview with me in Australia’s Living Now Magazine might give you some hints!

Gloves are a great gift.

But how do you know who wants what?

Let’s say you want to make it easy and give everyone on your list gloves. People love gloves that keep them warm, that are fun or sexy, that make their work or projects easier or safer, or because they might smarten up an outfit.

Take a look and see what different kinds of gloves each of the Five Element personalities might prefer.



Wood Element – sports gloves such as bicycle gloves, boxing gloves, ski gloves, baseball gloves; leather work gloves; power glove/s for video gaming

Fire Element – lacy opera gloves; colorful and wild; fun fingerless gloves; bejeweled gloves

Earth Element – gardening gloves; wool mittens; handmade knitted or crocheted gloves or mittens; quality rubber kitchen gloves

Metal Element – elegant; cashmere gloves; no frou-frou; sleek opera gloves; calf skin gloves

Water Element –  sensual opera gloves; black lace evening gloves; plain black leather gloves; webbed kayaking, paddling, scuba diving gloves; power glove/s for video gaming


Some people never leave home without their hat.

Some wear hats as part of their work uniform. Think baseball players, police officers, cowboys, construction workers, chefs, and firefighters.

Many of us wear hats to keep warm or keep the sun out of our eyes, and often, to up our look.


Wood Element – baseball cap, cowboy hat, animal print, business-elegantgood quality

Fire Element – fun, romantic, eccentric, playful

Earth Element – floppy, wool, old-fashioned, holiday-theme

Metal Element – elegant, formal, plain, white

Water Element – sensual, mysterious, black, veil





We wear scarves for many of the same reasons we wear gloves and hats: for practical reasons or to add some style to our game. Or both.

Whatever the reason, each Element has their own unique styles of scarves.



Wood Element – warm, traditional patterns, natural material, no frou-frou

Fire Element – colorful, pretty, eclectic, contrasting patterns

Earth Element – floppy, wool, old-fashioned, knit/crocheted

Metal Element – sheer; light weight wool, plain,  natural material

Water Element – flowing, swirling patterns, velvet, plush


Everyone (okay, almost everyone—some people?) like teapots whether or not they like tea.

Tea lovers often have more than one teapot. I’m not surprised when I see people’s collections that the styles fit their Elements.

But which teapots would each of the Elements like best?


wood – sturdy, functional, tall, no-nonsence

fire – fun, whimsical, colorful, points and peaks

earth – earthy, clay, homey, heavy, old-fashioned, in the shape of vegetables or fruits

metal – sleek, elegant; appearance over function; high tech, modern or the opposite – intricate Louis the IV style

water – glossy black or dark blues; amorphous shape, flowing patterns


How about some nice food and drink related gifts for the Elements?

Everyone has their special foods and drink for the holidays. I even wrote a blog telling which treats each Element wants for the holidays!

Here is a quick teaser, if you don’t have time to check it out now.


wood – citrus fruit baskets, gourmet olives, full body red wine, espresso beans

fire – fun and festive sweets; pomegranates; dark, bitter chocolate; spicy Mexican hot chocolate kit

earth – homemade cookies, cakes, and loafs; candy; cordials; Bailey’s Irish Cream

metal – excellent champagne; rare green or white teas; red caviar, delicate imported goat cheese

water -fresh squid ink pasta, chestnuts, smoked trout or salmon, smoky scotch, black caviar


Sometimes people would rather have a gift that makes up for the Element in which they are deficient.

So, let’s say you know someone who is very Wood but Fire deficient, they might prefer something that has a little Fire spark.

Or a Metal deficient person might be happy to receive a Metal Element gift that will help calm and cool his normally excited personality.

If you want a quick hint about the different Five Element personality types and their traits to help you make your gift choices, take a look at a couple of our YouTube videos on just this subject! Who Are You?  and  The Face Reader Personality Test  and  this fun one, Open the Gates to Your True Five Element Personality. Enjoy!


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