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For Every Season There Is a Purpose

Doyo Blog 3: 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Seasons are defined and influenced by ‘their’ associated Elements. Wood defines Spring, Fire defines Summer, Metal defines Autumn, and Water defines Winter. Earth does define Doyo, but so do the other four Elements depending on the Season.

When Doyo occurs during the last 18 days of Spring, those days are, overall, Earth Element—and greatly influenced by Wood. All of Earth Element’s characteristics are present during Spring Doyo as well as Wood influences. Wood pushes boundaries; it’s focused, urgent, innovative, controlling, self-referential, powerful, rooted, competitive, active, intense, loud, impatient, angry, and passionate. Those traits will be just as present as Earth Element traits during Spring Doyo. It’s plain to see that Wood Element traits can easily overwhelm the characteristics of Earth Element. So, use these ‘stronger’ behaviors to your advantage, especially if Earth’s slow, steady, comforting energy is a little too mellow for what you need to accomplish during this period. If slow, steady, and comforting is just what you need, sink into this mellow period and reap Earth Elements nurturing benefits.

Summer Doyo, the last 18 days of Summer, is influenced by Fire Element: fun, charming, exciting, restless, distracted, impulsive, animated, flirtatious, whimsical, intuitive, and silly. Fire traits are often opposite of Earth’s inherent nature. Summer Doyo can motivate some of Earth Element’s more staid, sedentary behaviors and emphasize fun and the willingness to explore more exciting adventures. 

Cool, calm, collected Metal Element influences the last 18 days of Autumn. Metal is all about perfectionism, self-reliance, and poise. As we mentioned in our previous blog, Earth can easily overindulge in food and get stuck in slow-moving behaviors. Autumn Doyo is a perfect time to step back and approach life with more discipline and practicality. 

Winter Doyo, the last 18 days of Winter, are influenced by Water’s dreamy, contemplative characteristics. Water Element is mysterious, fearful, wise, determined, just, truth-seeking, and inquisitive. Winter Doyo is a time to let one’s imagination wander. Take risks and muster up the determination to veer from Earth’s usual safe paths and explore long-ignored dreams.


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