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Online Face Reading FAQs

Patrician offers Online Face Readings for individuals, couples, small family groups, and small business working teams.

Individual readings may be booked by making full payment via PayPal. Once PayPal confirms with Patrician’s office, someone will promptly contact you by Email to set up the appointment.

Most often, the reading can be scheduled within a week depending on your and Patrician’s schedules (and time zones!). When Patrician is traveling to teach workshops and seminars that last for a few days, the wait time might be a bit longer.

Couples, Family, and Business Team readings need to be pre-approved. Send and Email describing the group and the group’s needs and we will be in touch with you promptly to discuss the best way to set up and conduct the reading.

*A note: all Online Face Readings are Five Element Personality readings. The Mien Shiang Institute/Patrician McCarthy does not conduct Facial Diagnosis (medical) Readings online.

*Audio and/or video recordings of the reading are not allowed. You agree to this when signing up for and making payment for your reading. 

Each reading is different and unique. You will learn which features reveal your biggest gifts — and what those gifts are and how you can best develop and use them.

You will also learn which features disclose your challenges, and you will receive some suggestions on how to turn your challenges into gifts. Every facial feature, shape, and size reveals something specific about your personality and behavior, as does each marking and coloration.

All of these distinct attributes fit together like pieces of a puzzle and reveal your Taoist Five Element personality type. Your reading will show you which Element (or combination of Elements) most accurately describe your true nature and behaviors, and which Elements have traits that do not apply to you and your personality.

Patrician is an experienced, skilled, and qualified Face Reader and teacher of the Taoist Five Elements and is expert in defining and interpreting the characteristics and traits that describe you as well as understanding how they interact and affect you. Her suggestions are based on the art and science of Mien Shiang, and she enjoys sharing her insights with her clients. 

Patrician will begin and end the reading on time which is why it is important to follow our suggested Guidelines and Tips so that you get the most from your reading. Every reading is different and unique. Each client brings their own energy, expectations, and personality to the reading.

Patrician will lead and guide you so that you get the best results from this valuable experience. Your reading will be interactive. Patrician will ask to see your face at different angles, such as full face, each profile or 3/4 profiles, as well as standing up so she can assess your body Qi. She will ask you a few questions and share with you what she sees and what it means.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact throughout the entire reading. If there is something in particular that you want to know from this reading, let us know when you book your appointment or at least at the start of the reading.

If you have had plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, or chemical or fat injections, let Patrician know as it will affect the reading and perhaps her feedback / prescription.

*Note: a Face Reading is meant to provide information from a Taoist point of view, for informational purposes, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. The client should consult their physician, clinician, or spiritual advisor for specific information regarding specific or general medical conditions.