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How Each Taoist Five Element Personality Type Celebrates Easter with Love and Joy

Celebrating Easter With the Five Elements—Joy, Love, Adventure and More!

Each Five Element Personality Type has their own way of celebrating.

Most of us, no matter what our Element is, are happy to compromise and share how we enjoy holidays and other special days.

However, here are a few hints on what to expect from each personality type when celebrating—especially if they’re hosting or the Planning Captain!

Wood Element personality types are creative, adventurous, and outgoing challenging, powerful, and often athletic. They have to move! An Easter morning hike in the mountains followed by a picnic alongside a stream or at their local park is perfect. It’s even more fun if there’s a little competitiveness, like a race to the top of the trail or a prize for finding the most Easter eggs.

Fire Element personality types are funny, joyful, and sociable. These charmers love having fun, especially with loved ones, friends, or even strangers. Fires would love to celebrate with a lively Easter dinner, games, and lots of laughs. They have an eclectic nature, so expect a few different styles and themes to be mixed together in an entertaining manner! Of course, Fires are hopeless romantics, so don’t be surprised to find a touch of romance among the joy and celebration.


Earth Element Personality Types are homebodies who need to be connected and be at the center of things. They show love by nurturing and feeding their loved ones. A family Easter dinner with friendly activities for the kids—Easter egg hunt, pin-the-tale on the bunny, bunny-hop sack race—suits Earths just fine.

Metal Element personality types are cool, calm, and collected, and can easily pull together an elegant Easter celebration for four or forty without breaking a sweat.  These poised perfectionists will be sure the menu, decorations, and setting are perfectly balanced so each guest feels special.

Water Element Personality Types are imaginative and secretive, and prefer free-form activities over structured ones. They would love an Easter egg hunt that is more mysterious than fun—something with hidden delights. They are restless wanderers, so don’t be surprised if they meander off to another activity in the middle of the egg hunt.


Happy Easter to everyone! May you always be in your Element!


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