Business Workshops & Seminars

For the past several years, innovative Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Nivea, Mattel, The Gap, Procter & Gamble, Old Navy, KPMG, Turner Broadcasting,  have been utilizing Patrician McCarthy's Mien Shiang & Taoist Five Element Corporate Workshops for success in team building, human resources, customer and client interactions.

Team Building

The Team Building Workshops are successful because they:Vector concept of creative teamwork
  • promote collaboration
  • celebrate diversity
  • facilitate respect among co-workers
  • garner acceptance of others' accomplishments
  • bring people, ideas and processes together
  • cultivate each employee's personal best
  • resolve conflicts
  • teach teams to emerge above the competition

Human Resources

Mien Shiang & the Taoist Five Elements enable human resources departments to:
  • utilize specific interviewing techniques for different personalities
  • hire the best people for the most appropriate position
  • reassign current employees to more suitable positions within the company

Customer and Client Interactions

Mien Shiang & Taoist Five Element Workshops can improve a company's customer and client interaction by helping participants to:
  • assess the needs of prospective clients
  • give current clients what they need and want, while satisfying the company's needs as well

Uncover Your Team's Hidden Potential

Patrician McCarthy works with her clients to assess the personalities, strengths, and challenges of each member of a corporate team and teaches them how to use this information in a way that builds the most assured, productive and creative team possible.

Reveal Each Individual's Strengths

Mien Shiang & Taoist Five Element Corporate Workshops show participants how to better understand their own nature and that of their co-workers, employees, senior staff, and clients by using Mien Shiang and the Taoist Five Element philosophy. Most problems are a result of miscommunication and a misunderstanding of other people's motivations or natures. For example: An employee who is perceived as being excessively dreamy may be a classic Water Element personality: He has a natural gift of imagination and needs the freedom to explore several paths before settling on the right one. Another team member who is playful and always laughing — classic Fire Element personality traits — might be considered flighty or scattered by her more conservative coworkers, especially by a no-nonsense, practical and contained Metal Element personality. He may not easily recognize the Fire person's natural intuition, instinct and charisma - creative traits often valued by clients and team members. Since there is no one correct way to behave or to approach a project, the challenge in many workplaces is in determining how to best utilize each member of the company so their diverse traits benefit themselves, their team, and the organization. Mien Shiang provides a powerful way to recognize one’s own qualities and the qualities of others, creating harmony and productivity for your organization.