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We have been doing more workshops 'on the go'. In just in the last three to four years we have presented workshops, seminars, and events — large and small — in Hamburg, Germany; Mountain View, CA, Washington, DC, Palm Springs,  Santa Fe, Silver City, NM, New York City, Boston, the Dominican Republic, Tucson, San Diego, Red Mountain, UT, and many more inviting and interesting cities and countries. We are preparing for a very unique experience in Iceland (in October) and a couple more forays in Germany.
A couple years ago, Patrician spoke at the unique and empowering  99% Conference, presented by Behance and their partner Cool Hunting, at The Times Center, New York.   Click here to see her talk on the fabulous 99% Conference Times Center stage.
Please contact us for more details on our workshops and retreats.  

 Workshops / Teaching / Presentations

Some favorite places and experiences over the years:
  • Nivea, Hamburg, Germany
  • Google Glass, Mountain View, Ca
  • Mind, Body & Soul, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • 99% Conference, NY, NY
  • AIMS Retreat, Boston
  • Tucson Integrative Health Professionals, Tucson
  • The Gap, Inc., San Francisco
  • (TBS) Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Atlanta
  • Mattel, Inc., Los Angeles
  • Executive Consulting, Inc., White Mountain, Az
  • KPMG, Atlanta
  • Mattel Design Xchange, Los Angeles
  • Children’s Place (Disney), Pasadena
  • Renaissance Weekend, Banff
  • Medical Mien Shiang, Santa Monica
  • Mien Shiang and Relationships Workshop Series, Venice, Ca
  • Red Mountain Practitioners Training, Utah