The Face Reader, Second Edition

Discover Anyone’s True Personality through Taoist Chinese Face Reading

by Patrician McCarthy
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The Face Reader, Second Edition, Tao House Press July 2014

Wouldn’t you like to know if the person you were about to hire was a natural leader? What if you could measure a person’s passion for life by their eyebrows? Did you know you could find out if someone has issues with fidelity by the markings around their eyes? Mien Shiang, a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice, gives you answers to all of these questions — and more. Filled with revealing anecdotes and hundreds of photographs, The Face Reader is the definitive manual for this effective and time-tested art form. It is a fascinating look at how Chinese Face Reading can be applied to our relationships, the workplace, and all aspects of our lives. *
(*This Second Edition of The Face Reader has 20% more information including additional features, categories, classifications, a chapter . . . See below for a complete summary of our new face reading details and data.)
Hardcover, published by Dutton/Viking Penguin 2007

Hardcover, published by Dutton/Viking Penguin

Praise for Patrician McCarthy and The Face Reader

"Patrician McCarthy has helped us through some of the most significant transitions we’ve had to face in many years. I am indebted to her for her insight and expertise.” —Ivy Ross, EVP, Marketing, Gap, Inc.; presently Head of Google Glass "The Face Reader is an excellent book. Patrician McCarthy has given us a blueprint for a fascinating new way of looking at ourselves and others." —Michael Edelstein, executive producer, Desperate Housewives "Learning Mien Shiang from Patrician McCarthy has been a valuable addition to my work in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has become an integral part of my clinical practice and my teaching experience with students. I am grateful for everything she has taught me." Keiko Cronin, L.Ac., (former) academic dean, Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine "Mien Shiang is a powerful tool for those who want to understand themselves and others. This book guides readers through the art of Mien Shiang to gain insight into the personalities, relationships, and health issues in their life. I consider it a necessity for all clinicians."  —Dr. Jeanne Kane, licensed clinical psychologist; film producer "The Face Reader is a rare and exquisite book that is at one time deeply informative and artistically inspired. It is a guide to our deeper selves, and encourages much needed compassion for the remarkable range of individual human differences.” —Rubin Naiman, PhD, author of Healing Night, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Arizona

The Face Reader, Second Edition, has:

9 New Categories:
  • Temples
  • Shen
  • Eyelids
  • Eye Whites
  • Iris
  • Eye Color
  • Seeing From the Eyes
  • Nose & the Spinal Column
  • Nostrils
14 New Classifications:
  • Shape of the Eyebrows
  • Markings on the Yin Tong
  • Colors on the Yin Tong
  • Upper, Top, and Bottom Eyelids
  • Size, Set, and Shape of the Eyelids
  • Color of the Eye Whites
  • Size of the Iris
  • Movement of the Eyes
  • Color of the Cheeks
  • Colors on the Tip of the Nose
  • The Nose and Back Pain and Injury
  • Size and Shape of the Nostrils
  • Colors on the Philtrum
  • Colors and Textures of the Lips and Mouth
132 New Feature descriptions (e.g., 9 new Eyebrow Shapes; 3 new Eye Shapes; 7 new Nose Shapes, and more), including each feature’s:
  • Taoist Five Element associations
  • Corresponding personality, character traits, and behaviors
Expanded Five Element Personality Test and Quiz A Complete, New Chapter, The Three Zones of the Face   Within the next few weeks, The Face Reader, Second Edition, by Patrician McCarthy is available at,, and in ebookstores nationwide. We will let you know the exact release date - soon!