How Your Skype Reading Works
  • Patrician will begin the reading right away which is why it is important for you to follow our suggested guidelines and tips so that you get the most and best of your time.who-am-i
  • She will ask to see your face at different angles, such as full face, each profile, and perhaps 3/4 profiles during which time she will ask you a few questions.
  • This is a good time to let her know if you have specific questions or areas of interest that you want addressed during this reading.
  • Each interactive reading is different and unique. You may find out right away which Taoist Five Elements most define your personality and behaviors. Or Patrician may be drawn to a particular feature and begin there. Depending on what you share with her, and what questions she asks, your reading may take some indirect turns.
  • No matter how you get there, by the end of your reading you will have discovered your Five Element Personality Type, what your features reveal about your personality and behaviors, and have received suggestions from Patrician on how to best use your innate gifts and challenges.
  See some suggestions for a great face reading. Make an appointment with Patrician now.