Our Suggested Guidelines and Tips for a Great Reading Your Place and Space
  • choose a well-lighted, quiet, private setting with good sound quality
  • adjust lights, blinds or curtains so that the light falls on your face; make sure you are not back-lit
  • schedule a time when you will not be interrupted or disturbed
  • have adequate childcare and pet care in place so you can be relaxed
  • post a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your doors if necessary
  • turn off ahead of time all phones, emails, notification alerts, iPads, other computers, radios, TVs, obtrusive fans, noisy air conditioners
  • close doors and windows if outside noise is disturbing
  • be sure the sound quality on your computer is such that you can clearly hear and be heard
  • have paper and pen ready
Prepare Yourself : Relax and enjoy your reading
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    Choose a well lit, private, comfortable place

    pull back your hair so that your face is fully exposed, including your ears; use ties, pins, clips, headbands, gels - whatever works
  • remove your eyeglasses, if comfortable
  • do not wear a hat or head scarf that would cover your hairline and forehead
  • do not wear excessive make up
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