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We have created some Tutorials to help you learn more about Mien Shiang – Facial Diagnosis and Face Reading – and the Taoist Five Elements.

We have also created some short (and often fun!) Quizzes to help you determine your Five Element Personality Type.




DefiningFiveElements.Cover.001Defining the Taoist Five Elements

Patrician defines the unique associations of each of the Taoist Five Elements, from the seasons to the energies, emotions, behaviors . . . even the phases of the moon, in this new video tutorial.




Who Are You?

In this video tutorial, Patrician defines the many emotions and behaviors of each Taoist Five Element Personality and helps you identify which Elements define you – and which ones don’t.



Quiz.cover.mini.001The Face Reader Book Mini-Five Element Personality Quiz

See what your choices reveal about your Taoist Five Element Personality in a fun, informative, mini-test.




Quiz.Gates.Cover2.001MSI QUIZ : The Gates to Your True Five Element Personality

Find out what going through certain gates can reveal about your Taoist Five Element Personality.  Take this fun five minute Quiz on YouTube and see what it says about you!


  • if you want to know more about what your choices mean about your true self
  •  learn more personality traits of each of the Five Elements
  •  find out which other Elements might walk through each door – and why
  •  discover which Elements would never go through certain doors – and why

. . . see this expanded, in depth version in our Blog



What Do We Read On the Face?

We think you will enjoy this short, but in depth, YouTube tutorial on what we read on the face in the practice of Mien Shiang * Taoist Face Reading.




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