Introducing our Newsletter

Over the years I have been fortunate to maintain on-going relationships with my Mien Shiang / Face Reading friends, former students, and workshop participants through the wonders of the Internet.

Recently, though, so many e-mails have been coming to me from across the country, and from Europe, Australia, New Zealand – even Turkey! It has become impossible for me to answer each one personally. So, I’m using this opportunity to launch the Mien Shiang Institute’s monthly E-Newsletter.

This will be an easy and fun way to answer the questions that many of you have in common; to let you know about upcoming seminars, workshops, and classes; and to keep you updated on the events connected with the release of the book... and more.

Besides a monthly Q & A we will also feature a monthly e-column where I will get to expound a little longer, and a bit deeper, on some of those same subjects.

The biggest question of late has been: When is the book being published?

I’m thrilled to say, The Face Reader, published by Dutton, will be available in stores April 12. Or it can pre-ordered now on

The Face Reader in the News

I’ve heard that doing publicity for a book can be daunting, but so far it’s been a great adventure. The magazine editors, writers, radio hosts, and dotcom people have been wonderfully enthusiastic about The Face Reader. In January, while in New York, I did my first live Sirius Satellite Radio interview with Wake Up With Cosmo!’s fabulous host, Taylor Strecker. She was a delight – fun, funny, and she has more energy than the sun!

Amy Gallo of Self Magazine did a great interview, and we will see the result of that in their June issue. Amy was warm, charming, and completely intrigued by Mien Shiang.

In April, will do a piece on celebrity face reading in their Entertainment section. Now, most of you know, I do not advocate reading faces from photographs. Those facial features have a way of moving all over the face, from photo to photo. I remember looking at a series of pictures that a friend had taken of the great Lyle Lovett. In one image his ears looked so high-set – way higher than his eyebrows! The next photo, from a different angle, showed them down lower, where I suspect they really do hang on his head.

But, for this piece I decided it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have some fun and give’s Lindsey Unterberger mini-readings of the ten celebrities she submitted to me, and see what she comes up with. Since she’s looking at this from a ‘love-angle,’ and the celebrities she chose are all inter-related in one romantic way or another, it should be interesting.

As I find out when the other pieces will be published or aired, I’ll let you all know.

Q & A - This Month's Ask the Face Reader

Q: I loved the workshop you gave at our Design Xchange at Mattel, Inc. in Los Angeles last week. I learned a lot about myself. During a break, though, I heard you talking about lines on your face that can tell you if you’re on your life’s path. Could you tell me more?

A: Well, I loved the workshop at your Design Xchange, too. (In fact, see next month’s newsletter – I just have to say more about that wonderful experience.) The lines you heard me talking about are the Fa Ling lines. They are also called Purpose Lines, and they tell us if we know our creative and spiritual purpose in life; and, if so, are we living our lives accordingly.

Though some people begin to develop Fa Ling lines early in life, we hope to have them by the time we reach our early forties. Ideal Fa Ling lines begin alongside the top of our nostrils and flare gently downward, ending just before the corners of our mouth. The exact length, depth, and shape vary with each person, and with each side of the face. Like with all facial markings, they can appear on just one side of the face, or on both. If you have a Fa Ling line only on the left side of your face (the side of your face that reflects your inner thoughts and life, as well as your father’s influence) it means that you are aware of your creative and spiritual purpose in life, but you are not yet living according to those purposes.

If you have a Fa Ling line only on your right side (reflecting your outer behavior and thoughts, and your mother’s influence) it might mean that even though you are on your Full Life’s Path, you, or someone close to you, may not value the choices you have made. Maybe you live in a community, culture, or family that does not approve of who you are or how you lead your life. It often takes enormous courage to live your life according to your true beliefs. Gather your courage and make your life yours. You will benefit in mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for your question.

Until next month...

By the way, I’m looking for an interpreter for those Turkish emails!

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