This course is a three-part comprehensive study of the Five Elements Theory, and the Five Elements Personality, Behaviors and Emotions.


Part 1: Taoist Five Elements : Bare Basics

To most, what we cover in Part 1 of our Taoist Five Elements Course is an advanced study. To us, it’s the bare basics, only the beginning. It is everything you need to know to set a solid foundation in your study of the Taoist Five Elements: colors, shapes, seasons, climates, expressions, senses, sense organs, tastes, yin and yang organs, emotions, cycles, natural orders, Element interactions, and more.

free pdf Mien Shiang 101 Face Reading WorkBook download : 1.5 hours teaching, 5 hours self-study = 6.5 hours

 fee $195


Part 2: Taoist Five Elements : Personality Types


Learn behaviors and emotions associated with each of the Five Element Personality types. The quintessential foundation for all of the Mien Shiang Institute Five Element, Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis courses.

includes Primer WorkBook : 2 hours teaching, 10 hours self-study = 12 hours

 fee $395


Part 3:  Taoist Five Elements : Finding Balance


How to build or minimize the effects of your specific Five Elements Personality, Qi and Behaviors; and, how to add, decrease, or balance the energies and effects of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water Qi to your environments (feng shui).

includes Finding Balance WorkBook : 2 hour teaching, 10 hour self-study = 12 hours

 fee $415

                                             special : all three levels  for $950