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Big Ears, Little Ears, What’s the Difference?


Everyone seems to have an opinion about the size of their facial features. Taoism does, too. From a Taoist perspective big or small is neither good nor bad. Each feature's size does, though, indicate gifts and challenges. Today I'll tell you a little bit about what the size of your ears mean. But first, let me give you an understanding of what we mean by big, medium, or small facial features. If we want to get really technical, I could tell you that there is a standard that considers a large ear to be more than 65 mm [2.6"] long and 36 mm [1.42"] wide. But that's not practical for everyday use of Mien Shiang. I imagine most people would be a bit taken aback if their health-care giver suddenly whipped out a tape measure and began measuring their ears in order to give an exact facial diagnosis interpretation! Determining feature size is easy. First, ascertain if the feature 'fits' the size of the head, and if it is in proportion to all of the other features. What if you have a large head? Is it still considered 'large' from a Mien Shiang point of view? Absolutely, though large ears on a small head appear to be even larger because of the imbalance of sizes. But, either way, they are both large ears. As you become used to looking at all the features analytically, it will become quickly apparent if they are small, average, or large, and whether they are in proportion to each other. It's simply common sense and practice. Here are some characteristics and traits associated with the size of your ears:  

small ears

small ears   : cautious, self-critical, introverted, ambitious, thoughtful, well-behaved children average ears   : normal behavior and reaction regarding fear and risks large ears   : risk-taker, leader, sociable, sensual, intrusive different sizes   : many challenges, early crises, much success in later years Take a look at your own ears as well as everyone else you come in contact with in the next few days. Do you - and they - have characteristics an

large ears

d traits that match the size of their ears?

different sizes

Remember, to do an accurate facial diagnosis or face reading you have to interpret the size, shape, and position of every feature. You might have small ears, but some of your other features might indicate excess courage and determination which might override your equally cautious nature. It's a complex puzzle. Have fun learning how to put the pieces together!   (Taken from my book THE FACE READER : Discover Anyone’s Personality, Compatibility, Talents, and Challenges through Chinese Face Reading.)

3 Responses to “Big Ears, Little Ears, What’s the Difference?”

  1. Do you have big ears…then you’re a risk taker! « My Year of Action Says:

    […] Patrician McCarthy for one. She is an amazing woman who for 20+ years has studied the science of Mien Shiang, a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice that literally means face (mien) reading (shiang). It saved her life. (She was married to a doctor, yet it was a Mien Shiang expert she was interviewing for her thesis, who spoke very little English, who saw in her face that she had an inflammation of the heart and convinced her to rush to the hospital right then for treatment. If she hadn’t listened, it would have killed her.) […]

  2. Jon Says:

    I have large ears, I am a bit of a risk taker. Also prefer to be alone (have more fun on my own).

    I wish I had small ones then I could get a short haircut, also go swimming and do other sports. sadly those younger days have gone and were always tainted by them 🙁

  3. patrician Says:

    Hello Jon, Get a short haircut and show off those great ears! Besides indicating risk-taking ability, large ears also indicate longevity. So you just might have plenty of time to take up the sports your neglected in years past.
    All best, Patrician