What Is Mien Shiang?

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Mien Shiang is something we all use, all the time. You used Mien Shiang when you...
  • changed seats because the well-groomed man next to you had narrow, mean eyes
  • chose the employer with the easy smile over the other who had a tight, thin mouth
  • advised a friend to see a doctor because you noticed unusually dark circles under his eyes
  • hired the lesser experienced person for the job because he had the more trusting face

How Mien Shiang Can Help You in Your Every Day Life

The age-old Taoist practice of Mien Shiang is an art and a science that means literally face (mien) reading (shiang). It was first used in China as a diagnostic tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine to detect signs of existing ailments as well as predispositions to illness of mind, body and spirit, simply by studying one's face. The Taoist monks who were advisers to the Emperors and other high-ranking officials further developed the art of Mien Shiang to help them evaluate the personal integrity and honesty of those doing business with the courts and officials. In just moments, they could determine anyone's character, personality, health and wealth potential. Today, it continues to be a reliable means of self-discovery, and a great way to help us understand others. We all have instinctive responses and reactions to people, but Mien Shiang is not about reading facial expressions, telltale tics, or shifty eyes. Expressions and postures can be manipulated. Face shapes, positions and sizes and shapes of each feature, lines, shadows, moles, and other facial markings, however, tell the truth. They are foolproof signs, if you know how to read them — if you know the art of Mien Shiang.