Discover The Complete Personality Traits and Behaviors for Each of the Taoist Five Elements

Have you ever wondered why you have immediate and strong reactions to specific events and environments? Why you are instinctively drawn to—or pull away from—particular behaviors, things, styles, tastes, traits, places, and activities?  wood.cover.10.097
  • Patrician McCarthy, founder of The Mien Shiang Institute, identifies, interprets, and offers insightful (and often humorous) commentaries on behaviors, character traits, and unique reactions associated with each of the Taoist Five Element personalities of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.
  • Discover which Element or Elements best describe you, and which ones definitely do not. This is a profound and remarkable means of self-discovery.
  • Of course, you can—and you should—apply the same discovery and recognition to your loved ones, friends, coworkers, even to someone you've just met. Instantly understanding the innate natures, tastes, and behaviors of others help you to fully appreciate the true self of every person in your
Not only that, but now you will know—
  • the perfect gift to buy them, right down to the color, style, and shape
  • where to take them to dinner
  • whether to serve them still water or fizzy
  • if they'd prefer a hug or a handshake
  • if they'd want a plant or a bouquet
  • whether they'd rather watch a sports event, or be in the sports event
  • earth.cover.10.099
    and whether they are apt to yell from the rooftops or whisper their sincere appreciation to you.
You now know them, and how to give to them—mind, body, and spirit—what will suit their unique personalities best.  
All five In Your Element Books:
  • Discover The Taoist WOOD ELEMENT Personality
  • Discover The Taoist FIRE ELEMENT Personality
  • Discover The Taoist EARTH ELEMENT Personality
  • Discover The Taoist METAL ELEMENT Personality
  • Discover The Taoist WATER ELEMENT Personality
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