5E.Bare.Basics.cover.blog.021The Taoist Five Elements Bare Basics

Patrician McCarthy
The early Taoist philosophers used the metaphors of the Five Elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, to explain the relationship, interaction, and ongoing change of everything in the Universe—physical, mental, and spiritual. The Taoist Five Element Bare Basics defines with text, photographs, and graphics the Taoist perspective of—
  • colors
  • shapes for Mien Shiang * Face Reading
  • shapes for Feng Shui
  • directions
  • seasons
  • climates
  • expressions
  • senses
  • sense organs
  • tastes
  • yin and yang organs
  • emotions
  • relationships
  • cycles
  • natural orders
  • and more

test.shadow.6.013Mien Shiang * Face Reading 101

Patrician McCarthy
If you are just starting to learn about Mien Shiang, or if you are looking to refresh your learning, Mien Shiang * Face Reading 101 is your essential need-to-know, bare basics, compendium. This is the perfect introduction to Patrician McCarthy's comprehensive, award-winning book, THE FACE READER : Discover Anyone's True Personality through Taoist Chinese Face Reading.  
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