FR2ndCover 600x800.001Patrician McCarthy is an internationally renowned and respected teacher and practitioner of Mien Shiang and Taoist Psychology — the  Five Element Personality Types. Mien Shiang is a diagnostic tool of Chinese Medicine. It's a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice that means face (mien) reading (shiang). In just moments, you can determine anyone's Five Element personality type — character, behavior, even health potential — by analyzing their face. (Mien Shiang)

Taoist Psychology — analyzing the Five Element Personality types — uses metaphors devised by the ancient Taoist philosophers to explain the relationship, interaction, and ongoing change of everything in the Universe, including our behavior, emotions, and personalities. (Five Elements)

The Face Reader, Second Edition, by Patrician McCarthy, is available through all major online book carriers. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many more. (Learn more about The Face Reader) 

Patrician onstage at 99U Conference

Online Courses. Our in depth, interactive online face reading and facial diagnosis courses are designed to accommodate each student's individual commitment and pace. (Online Courses)
  • Watch Patrician's talk at 99u Conference
  • Featured on Business Week, Patrician speaks with Senior Editor Suzanne Woolley about gaining insights by reading facial cues.
  •  We are about to read the candidate's faces for the 2016 races. See The Huffington Post article What the Candidates' Faces Reveal that features Patrician's face reading insights on  past presidential candidates. Which face reading insights have proven most valuable?
    Patrician in Allure Magazine

    Patrician in Allure Magazine

Patrician McCarthy, founder, The Mien Shiang Institute

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Nautilus Book Award : The Face Reader is a Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner.

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